Our Urban Village, a Vancouver Cohousing Community

Author: christine

Tomo and OUV — a bit of history

In 2017 Our Urban Village began a partnership with innovative developers, Tomo (formerly known as Take Root) to build a cohousing community using a model that hadn’t been tried before in North America. OUV’s founders were struggling to find a way to build cohousing in one of North America’s priciest housing markets. When the cost …

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Viking adventurer

Carol’s Norwegian roots are obvious in her fair complexion and height, but the wandering spirit of her Scandanavian ancestors wasn’t apparent in the first years of her life. “We lived on a farm in Saskatchewan and regularly saw our extended family. Chickens, farm animals, open space — it was a wonderful childhood,” she says. When …

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Excavation underway

In the past few weeks our project has gone from the removal of the single family home on the site to a giant hole in the ground. It’s been astonishing to see how quickly progress has been made. First a digger appeared on site and next thing you know, there’s a hole in the ground. …

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Urban vs rural

My friend Cathy and I ride our bikes along the streets of Vancouver often and find ourselves admiring various houses and have concluded that we suffer from “lot” envy. It’s disheartening to see huge lots with a single family home. We’re constantly comparing those lot sizes to our future development. On Instagram and Facebook, I’ve …

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The accidental cohousers

“We are not planners,” says Julia. When she saw the notice for a cohousing info session she thought, “It’s a couple of blocks from our house, I really don’t know anything about cohousing and it sounds sort of interesting. Why not?”  She and Lee packed up their new baby and their three year old and …

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Know thy neighbour

One of the great things about cohousing is that you get to know your neighbours before you move in. It takes time to build a cohousing project. But during that period, you’re forging friendships with the people you’ll be living with later. Here are just a few things our community members share. Sharing skills When …

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