Our Urban Village, a Vancouver Cohousing Community

OUV is committed to sustainable living

Our location has an enjoyable mix of quiet neighbourhood life and very quick access to shopping, work, and the rest of the city.

Our Passive House construction means we will reduce our energy bill by up to 90% while also providing extremely high air quality.

We’re deeply urban cohousing — we depend on transit, walking and cycling to get around. When we need to drive, we lean on community carsharing to reduce our impact.

Watch more from Bryn Davidson, CEO of Lanefab, on why living in the city is inherently more sustainable.

Passive House Technology

Passive House

Passive House is the highest ecological building form in the market today. It allows for heating and cooling energy savings of up to 90% compared with typical building stock and over 75% compared with average new builds. Our homes are primarily heated by our bodies and our appliances and have high individual air quality and livability.

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Ontario Bike Path

Sustainable Transportation

Our location supports getting around via sustainable transportation. Located very close to high-frequency transit and high-quality bike routes, we are able to walk, bike and take transit for most of our daily needs. We’re near bikeways (Ontario, 37th Avenue, and Prince Edward) and high frequency transit (41st Avenue RapidBus (every 5 mins), Canada Line rapid transit (every 3 mins), and the frequent Route 3 Main Street (every 10 mins).

Modo Car Share

Car sharing

We drive only when we need to, and share our cars. There are just 4 parking stalls on-site for our 12 units, and ALL four of these are exclusively reserved for car-sharing — including a Modo coop vehicle available to us and to the community. We lean heavily on our sharing ecology to combine trips, reduce the number of needed vehicles, and lean more lightly on the earth.

Sharing stuff

We share stuff. Cohousing is all about leaning on your neighbours. Think about all the things you use only occasionally: a shovel, a ladder, a drill. Do we need 12 of those? No way! In cohousing, we’ll just share stuff.