Our Urban Village, a Vancouver Cohousing Community

The happier missing middle

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to develop your own multi-unit housing? How about living in a social community where you commit to making decisions together, sharing communal meals, and supporting your neighbours? On May 30, Happy Cities hosted a webinar with the project team and community behind Our Urban Village—Vancouver’s newest cohousing community—to …

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Our Urban Village: A new model for social, missing middle housing?

It’s a rainy Sunday evening along south Main Street in Vancouver. The street outside is dark and lonely as trucks and buses rumble past. But at Our Urban Village Cohousing, there’s activity brewing in the common house—a shared kitchen and lounge area with large windows facing onto the street. This Sunday’s volunteer cook is preparing …

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Our home has won a GRAY Award

We won! Our nomination was successful and our home has been awarded a GRAY Awards in the Breakout Category, Visionary. The GRAY awards, the international design competition, is the premier destination for recognizing creative excellence culminating with the industry’s most exciting celebration of the year. View list of winners

Moroccan Stew with Rosie Mae

Our second course with Rosie Mae introduced us to knife skills, chopping board etiquette and general ideas on how to feed large groups. Our first gathering with Rosie was a month ago and we’ve had a few common meals since then. Some have been more elaborate than others, but all were excellent, so our fear …

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Glory bowls with Rosie Mae

The month of July was a very busy moving month for OUV members. Not only did we move into our units, we now have a common house, lounge and courtyard to organize. Our common house is rather fabulous and equipped with vast amounts of storage cupboards. These next few months will require efforts to organize …

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