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From co-living to cohousing

My parents welcomed one and all to our house in Mexico City where I grew up. Our home was filled with relatives, friends and visitors who lived with us for anywhere from a few days to many months. I don’t remember a time when we didn’t share our house with someone (often many someones). My …

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Looking for people around her table

I grew up in Red Deer Alberta, the oldest daughter in a large family. In those days, families ate their meals together. As kids, we even ate our lunch at home with our dad because we all ‘worked’ close enough to home. Our large family meals were about what you’d expect. Noisy. Newsy. Sometimes contentious. …

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Single retiree finds community

Like many people who eventually wash up on the shores of cohousing, I had been feeling for a long time that the way I was living didn’t make sense. I’m an introvert, so I wasn’t unhappy with my singular life, really, but I felt something was missing. I had loving daughters and a great circle …

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