our urban village cohousing 

a home of your own, neighbours you know

membership open for families with kids seeking 2-3 bedrooms!

Please use our contact page and let us know the number of people in your family and whether you are looking for 2 or 3 bedrooms.  We will be looking for folks that can pay market rates for new condominium homes.

 we have our developer and our site!

Nearly 2 years after our first information session and after 14 meetings with developers, we are happy to announce that we have found our partner - Tomo Spaces.  From the beginning we knew our version of cohousing would only work with a developer who shared our vision of a new housing model for Vancouver.

Tomo has just the model we were searching for. Tomo stands for "together more," a name that reflects the belief that buildings should be designed to support the people who live in them.  

Tomo believes that sustainability, sociability and affordability are interconnected. By finding synergies in these three areas, Tomo aims to offer a new housing choice.  

We are pleased to announce our new home will be at 5811 Main Street.  Read all about it in the August 2017 article in the Globe and Mail.

we're co-housing lite

We are creating a new kind of multigenerational community where we each have our own apartment and our neighbours are already our friends.  We are adapting the cohousing model to reflect the realities of high housing costs in Vancouver. 

We call our model "cohousing lite."  Instead of designing our village from scratch as most communities do, we've found an innovative developer who owns land and wants to create a new housing model for Vancouver. Each of us will buy our own self-contained unit in Tomo House. The plans include a common space with kitchen and dining area for regular shared activities and a guest suite for visitors.

We are a positive, energetic, community-minded people who agree that it takes a village to raise a child and enrich the lives of adults. Our goal is to have 1/3 of our units for young families, 1/3 folks who are still working and 1/3 retirees.

progress report

coming events

Business Meeting 11:00 am May 19 
Kathy's house

Tomo Spaces + Happy City Labs
 + MASStudio Architects 

Tomo Spaces has partnered with Happy City Labs and creative architechs from MASStudio to create Tomo House for OUV.

Happy City Labs conducts ground breaking research on designing multi-family housing with social interaction in mind. The research lab is the direct result of award winning journalist Charles Montgomery's book, Happy City,  which asks "Can we design cities to maximize interaction and increase happiness?" 

"We’ve gathered evidence from psychology, neuroscience, public health to identify how design influences sociability in multi-family housing."

Tomo is using the principles in Happy City's June 2017 Toolkit  to design OUV.

Tomo selected Marianne Amodio as their architech for Tomo House.  Her firm, MAAStudio believes that:

". . . through creative thinking, we can craft solutions that speak to today's issues of affordability and social and environmental sustainability" 

Read more about our partners on Tomo's website.

We've been hard at work.  We've:

  • met with 3 city councillors
  • met with a city planner
  • reached consensus on vision and values
  • met with 13 developers and an architect
  • held 6 workshops
  • held 3 public info sessions
  • hired our facilitator, Kathy McGrenera
  • been selected as a project by UBC School of Architecture
  • found our developer with a site (Tomo Spaces)!
  • participated in City's neighbourhood open house for our project
  • received unanimous approval by members of the Urban Design Panel
  • rezoning application unanimously approved July 17 2018!
  • development permit submitted February 2019
Members to date:

  • 7 Equity households


smart living: how much space do you need?

We think we can live smaller (and better) with great architectural design and furniture.