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Join our community – we’re recruiting!

OUV is a 12 unit multigenerational cohousing community breaking ground soon at at 5811 Main Street (near 41st Avenue).

Our community is based on the principles of cohousing: private homes plus many shared spaces for socializing, meals and taking care of community tasks together.  We’ve worked with our developer, Tomo Spaces, to design a building that encourages community and social interaction. Our urban setting lets us enjoy the benefits of city living while we also enjoy a close-knit community lifestyle.

We are an innovative cohousing project, the first of its kind in Canada.  Instead of buying land ourselves (like traditional cohousing) we’ve partnered with a visionary developer to create a new model for community living for middle class families in Vancouver.  Our project will be studied for a year after we move in by Happy City Labs, an urban design research organization, to see how our unique model works.

We currently have six member households and are recruiting more to fill our remaining six units. We welcome new households to join us in the last sprint of building our sustainable urban cohousing community.

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