Our Urban Village, a Vancouver Cohousing Community

Author: christine

Happier together

Our Urban Village is proud and excited to be a future part of the pioneering research project Happy Neighbours: Promoting affordability and social wellbeing through multi-unit housing design and programming actions. Happy City will assess the impact of the design on residents’ sociability, sense of belonging, social trust, perceived health and level of engagement before …

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The rise of urban cohousing

For over four decades, over 90% of cohousing communities were in rural and suburban settings. But in the last ten years, more and more cohousing projects are being launched in cities, sometimes even in ultra-urban downtown cores. How did urban cohousing become part of the mix? In the beginning it was rural, all the way …

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Looking for people around her table

I grew up in Red Deer Alberta, the oldest daughter in a large family. In those days, families ate their meals together. As kids, we even ate our lunch at home with our dad because we all ‘worked’ close enough to home. Our large family meals were about what you’d expect. Noisy. Newsy. Sometimes contentious. …

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It takes a community. How BC’s cohousing communities support each other.

OUV is in our final sprint, breaking ground in just a few months.  This article is a thank you note to the cohousing communities in British Columbia.  Without you, we would not be here today. It’s likely that cohousers everywhere share their experiences with new communities.  I have a feeling, though, that BC’s communities have …

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Tomo has their Development Permit!

In the last few weeks, Tomo Spaces has received the Development Permit for the project from the City of Vancouver, putting us one step closer to our (literal) “ground-breaking moment”. The next step is to get a Building Permit! We are eagerly anticipating watching the demolition work start sometime this fall.