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Project Updates

Excavation underway

In the past few weeks our project has gone from the removal of the single family home on the site to a giant hole in the ground. It’s been astonishing to see how quickly progress has been made. First a digger appeared on site and next thing you know, there’s a hole in the ground. …

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Now you see it, now you don’t!

Getting a site ready for demolition is a weeks’ long process. Our building is replacing a 1950’s era duplex, and pulling out recyclable materials like wood takes time. So does the safe removal of asbestos and insulation before demolition can begin. We’ve grown used to seeing almost imperceptible changes on our site daily. When we …

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Construction update photo gallery

Our construction partners have been working steadily since April. The old house at Ontario Place and Main is now gone. In its place is a big hole! The site has been cleared and excavation is underway. We’re so thankful for all of our wonderful partners: TOMO Spaces (developer), MA+HG (architect), the Haebler Group (builder), and …

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