Our Urban Village, a Vancouver Cohousing Community

Five reasons urban cohousing isn’t more affordable

We’ve attended many presentations about making cohousing more affordable. People love the idea of knowing their neighbours, breaking bread together and having ongoing relationships. Sadly, the vast majority of cohousing remains unaffordable for folks who can’t pay market rates. Why can’t prices be lower? In urban settings, land costs. And it costs a lot. Our …

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The accidental cohousers

“We are not planners,” says Julia. When she saw the notice for a cohousing info session she thought, “It’s a couple of blocks from our house, I really don’t know anything about cohousing and it sounds sort of interesting. Why not?”  She and Lee packed up their new baby and their three year old and …

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Know thy neighbour

One of the great things about cohousing is that you get to know your neighbours before you move in. It takes time to build a cohousing project. But during that period, you’re forging friendships with the people you’ll be living with later. Here are just a few things our community members share. Sharing skills When …

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Curious about cohousing lite?

June 12, 2021

Victoria Urban Village is hosting an event this Saturday June 12, 10:30 am – noon. One of our OUV members, Kathy Sayers will be discussing Canada’s first ‘cohousing lite’ community. When Kathy’s group thought about launching a cohousing community in Vancouver, 3 things became apparent immediately. They would need to guarantee a loan on up …

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During a time of social isolation, cohousing builds community

Residents of Nanaimo’s only intentional community illustrate what living together really means. Do you know your neighbours’ names—first and last? What about their birthdays? Although cities are becoming more dense and technology has made the ability to connect with each other instant, the emotional distance between some people continues to grow. But connection is hardwired …

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