Our Urban Village, a Vancouver Cohousing Community

Such stuff as dreams are made on

The Calgary European Film Festival in partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum is bringing a unique documentary about the co-housing movement in Austria to Canada! Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On is a documentary about self-organized and self-managed housing projects in Austria, which formed in the 1960s. Through interviews with participants and residents of these individual housing …

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Southlands pumpkin patch

Fall is upon us, so this month OUV will be meeting up for a pumpkiny good time at Southlands Heritage Farm in Vancouver. We’ll be attending rain or shine, so come dressed for the weather. Friday, October 9th – 5:30-6:30 We recommend purchasing tickets in advance here: Southlands Heritage Farm October Pumpkin Patch

November Zoom coffee chat

If we’ve learned anything from COVID-19 is that we all know how to Zoom. Although we miss meeting in person, Zoom does have its advantages. No need to dress up too fancy or search for a place to park your bike come to mind. If you’re interested in finding out about cohousing and pressed for …

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Happier together

Our Urban Village is proud and excited to be a future part of the pioneering research project Happy Neighbours: Promoting affordability and social wellbeing through multi-unit housing design and programming actions. Happy City will assess the impact of the design on residents’ sociability, sense of belonging, social trust, perceived health and level of engagement before …

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The nuts and bolts of community

Presented by the Cohousing Association of the United States, this online event will discuss the systems that make our communities work. Everything from budgeting, to work day planning, capital reserves, to paying for common meals. Save the date now for a full day of “how to”s and cohousing stories. You won’t want to miss this …

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4 Great reasons to live in a multigenerational community

From the beginning, we wanted a multigenerational cohousing community, even though our founding members were in their 50s and 60s. They didn’t have anything against folks their age, but they thought living with diverse ages might be more enriching and a whole lot of fun. Some communities cater to one demographic. One exclusively family-oriented group …

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The rise of urban cohousing

For over four decades, over 90% of cohousing communities were in rural and suburban settings. But in the last ten years, more and more cohousing projects are being launched in cities, sometimes even in ultra-urban downtown cores. How did urban cohousing become part of the mix? In the beginning it was rural, all the way …

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