Tara and Aaron
After meeting in Boston and living there together for four years, Tara imported Aaron to Vancouver in 2013. Since then we’ve grown our family (Felix born 2015, Zelda born 2017) and love all that our city has to offer. Cohousing is just the sort of vibrant, community that we hoped to raise our children in.

We are committed urbanists and place a high value on sustainability and social justice, both in our personal and professional lives (transit planning and non-profit communications). When we have free time, we enjoy cooking, exploring the city by bike, board games and photography.

Christine and Alistair
Having lived in a number of cities in the UK, France and Canada, we are confirmed urbanites who love to walk and bike throughout Vancouver all year round. Mount Pleasant has been our home for over 10 years so Our Urban Village is an ideal cohousing option for us. We are excited by the prospect of living and sharing with like-minded people who are seeking to build a strong community where they live.
In our spare time we engage in yoga, making music and try to make the most of the arts scene around the city.

I grew up in Alberta and came to Vancouver in 2008 to train in a second career. I fell in love with this city and decided to stay despite leaving my friends and family behind.  Cohousing is the best of worlds for me in that I can enjoy close relationships and support within this community, but still have my own space when I need some quiet time.  I’m a recent e-bike commuter and enthusiast!  I enjoy theatre, knitting, reading and tap dancing.

I grew up in Mexico City in a large loving family.  When I came to Canada, I wanted to have the same sense of shared community that I experienced in Mexico.  I’ve never lived alone and always found a way to live among friends in large houses.  I love the city (my degree is in urban planning!) I bike everywhere and don’t own or plan to own a car.  I’m looking forward to my next step in community living at Our Urban Village.

My attraction to cohousing is probably the result of our family moving every couple of years when I was a child.  I have a built-up longing for deep roots and knowing my neighbours.  Location is a big deal for me.  I’m a walker and an urban location means strolling down Main Street for coffee with a friend or hitting the library and community centre.  I love art, really long walks like the Camino Real and I’m a relentless reader.