Our Urban Village, a Vancouver Cohousing Community

New Year, New Neighbours

By Alistair Stewart

All the best for the New Year! It’s going to be a big one!

In 2022, Our Urban Village cohousing will be looking for the last 4 households to join our community and will celebrate the completion of construction late in the year. That’s a lot!

Attracting new owners to our community is priority number one and we are expecting interest to heat up as the building itself becomes more and more tangible. We have already seen enormous construction progress through 2021 and we can now start to envisage the units themselves rather than just look at plans.

Our four remaining units cover a wide range of housing for varying sizes of households:

  • 2 bedroom plus lock-off suite (unit 33/34, 1,030 sq ft) for folks who need flexible space
  • 3 bedroom apartment (Unit 32, 850 sq ft) perfect for young families
  • 3 bedroom townhouse (Unit 13, 1150 sq ft) would suit a family that needs space to grow
  • Studio (Unit 11, 500 sq ft) to suit a single person, a young professional couple, a retired couple, or someone with a disability

The floor plans and specs of each unit can be found on our recently redesigned website. If you are interested in becoming part of the community, please reach out to us or keep your eyes on our website or sign up for our newsletter. We’ll be providing lots of opportunities this year to hear more about the project and get to know the existing members on-line or (hopefully) in person.

OUV has become closely associated with the term “cohousing lite” which evolved as a way to deal with the escalating land values in Vancouver. Rather than the traditional model where the cohousing membership becomes the developer and comes up with the capital to finance the property purchase, OUV took a less risky and time-consuming path by partnering with an innovative developer who already owned land. Tomo Spaces were just the right partner, forming a trusting relationship with the members and leading to a successful outcome. In this model, Tomo took on the initial project risk and employed the architect and builders. The units are then sold directly to the OUV members. The relationship between OUV and Tomo has been a critical part of the project’s success, even when there were significant hurdles to overcome, so much so that the members decided to name the building Tomo House.

This speaks to the commitment to the project shown by all partners and why we can be confident of successfully completing our 2022 goals.