Our Urban Village, a Vancouver Cohousing Community

Know thy neighbour

by Kathy Sayers

One of the great things about cohousing is that you get to know your neighbours before you move in. It takes time to build a cohousing project. But during that period, you’re forging friendships with the people you’ll be living with later.

Here are just a few things our community members share.

Sharing skills

When Kathy was in a 14 day COVID quarantine, Cath dropped off a micro-green growing kit – trays, a growing mat, seeds and a spray bottle. Then, she set up a zoom coaching session. “I’ve become a micro-green nerd during COVID,’ says Cath. “I was happy to share what I know, to ease Kathy’s quarantine boredom.”

Sharing activities

Christine landed a garden plot in one of the city’s scarce community gardens and messaged our whole group to say there might be more plots available. In the end, four other families signed up. Now, the gardens are a great (distanced) gathering activity in COVID times. Christine,our most seasoned gardener, dispenses advice. We water each other’s plots if we’re going. And, we even share in the bounty, like our bumper crop of radishes.

Sharing tips

When we find cool stuff, we share it with each other.

From Lee and Julia: best kids park ever.

From Aaron: best burrito sushi and churros at Simple Bites on Fraser street.

Sharing progress

Every day on their way to drop Felix off at our nearby elementary school, Aaron or Tara drive by our property. They’ve posted photos of every step of our project’s development so we’re up to date without having to visit all the time.