Our Urban Village, a Vancouver Cohousing Community

Now you see it, now you don’t!

By Christine Rondeau

Getting a site ready for demolition is a weeks’ long process. Our building is replacing a 1950’s era duplex, and pulling out recyclable materials like wood takes time. So does the safe removal of asbestos and insulation before demolition can begin. We’ve grown used to seeing almost imperceptible changes on our site daily.

When we drove by the site yesterday morning, we saw what we’ve seen for weeks –  the old duplex stripped down and ready to be demolished. But on our way home, only a few hours later, the house was gone! Just like that, the property was cleared and ready for construction to begin. For a project that has been in the planning stages for years, things are starting to feel very real.

One of the best things about working with TOMO using the Cohousing Lite model is that we’re not involved in the ins and outs of the construction. We didn’t have to worry about asbestos removal, who to hire to dispose of the lumber, bricks and anything else that was in that old house.

Of course, the flipside is that we’re also (blissfully) not watching the building timeline like hawks. So we get to enjoy lovely surprises such as the old house coming down — and our newly cleared site means we will be breaking ground soon. It’s great to be making tangible progress in the capable hands of our partners TOMO, MA+HG architects and our builder the Haebler Group.

We’re now one important step closer to the intentional community we are building together. There are still a few units left for sale so please get in touch if you are interested in being a part of it.