We invite you to come to an info session (or set up a private coffee chat).  Have a look at our website and read about our hopes for our community.  If the urban village concept and values resonate with you, contact us.  

You can become an Associate Member for $200 for a period of up to three months. You’ll have a chance to attend more social events as well as our community meetings to see how we make decisions and reach agreements.  

You’ll be able to participate in our consensus decision process, (but as an Associate Member you won’t be able to block a decision from going forward.)

Our fees cover expenses like coffee, room rentals and supplies. 

Equity Membership

Once you’ve attended 2 events and at least 1 community meeting you can become an Equity Member by scheduling a meeting to answer any remaining questions and check to see if OUV will work for you financially. 

When you become an Equity Member, we will ask you to make a non-refundable commitment of $10,000.  

Of the $10000, $2,000 will be used for expenses to build our community and see us through to move in.  This community building fee covers childcare, facilitators, room rentals and workshops.  We’ll give you and accounting of our expenses every 3 months.

The remainder of your fee ($8,000) will be returned to you after your first deposit. It will be held in Our Urban Village’s Association bank account at TD Canada Trust.