Our Urban Village, a Vancouver Cohousing Community

During a time of social isolation, cohousing builds community

Rae-Anne Guenther, the Discourse

Residents of Nanaimo’s only intentional community illustrate what living together really means.

Do you know your neighbours’ names—first and last? What about their birthdays?

Although cities are becoming more dense and technology has made the ability to connect with each other instant, the emotional distance between some people continues to grow. But connection is hardwired in us, and there is a growing population seeking out creative ways to bring back community into their lives.

I spoke with residents of Nanaimo’s only cohousing complex, Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community, to learn about how they are doing just that.

Long-time resident Mia Jongkind can tell you all the names of her 54 neighbours—and most of their birthdays too.

“I think we all need community in our lives,” says Mia. “You are part of a tribe here. Living this way is not paradise, but it is close to paradise.”

Let’s take a look at how cohousing fosters a sense of community and how it all works.

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