our urban village cohousing 

a home of your own, neighbours you know

our hopes for our community

Community is the most important building block for co-housing. We are looking for folks with a sense of adventure and curiosity. We want neighbours who have interests, are playful and enjoy each other's company.

Here are some of the values we hope to share with our neighbours. 

  • We hope that we will listen to one another and consider each other's ideas thoughtfully. Respect and trust will help us create a robust community.

  • We hope that each of us will bring our unique talents to the group.  Our collaboration will make our village more resourceful and richer.

  • We hope villagers will be flexible and consider the good of the village above their own preferences when it is necessary. A village that works requires compromise sometimes.  

  • We hope villagers will participate in our meetings and events so we can build strong bonds as neighbours.

is cohousing for me?

How do you know if cohousing is for you?

You want a meaningful connection with your neighbours

You want to live lightly on the earth

You want to live abundantly by sharing stuff and skills

You want to age in place

You want to raise your kids in a warm community

You celebrate diversity of people and cultures in your city

our vision statement

"Our Urban Village is a multigenerational co-housing community that fosters caring and collaborative relationships. We value inclusivity, diversity and living lightly on the planet in a building designed to encourage community interactions. We value our walkable, amenity rich and vibrant Vancouver neighbourhood."

our key values

  • Importance of building community first before owning together
  • Shared belief that it takes a village to raise a child
  • Social cohesion as friends and neighbours


  • Strata owned, market units -- therefore no risk to other owners
  • Shared resources like child care, cars and equipment
  • Space for guests -- no need for your own guest bedroom

  • Car sharing (electrical or car cooperative)
  • Transit and bike use
  • Walkability
  • Passive House