our urban village cohousing 

a home of your own, neighbours you know

Milestone summary

1. check feasibility: done

2. build community: done

3. find a developer: done

In 2015 we met with city councillors and a city planner to see if cohousing lite was doable. YES it is!

We have 19 families as of November 2016 and have closed our membership while we review sites. 

We have committed to working with Tomo, an innovative team using a new housing model, to develop our property on the Main Street corridor.

4. test the model: done

5. check affordability: ongoing

6. build a professional team: ongoing

Our "cohousing lite" model has never been done before.  We worked with UBC architect students to find ways to design a tower concept for cohousing and provided ideas for low-rise options as well in April 2016.  

Tomo's model is based on making housing accessible to middle class Vancouverites.  They are looking for partnerships that will make this possible.

We've hired a facilitator, Kathy McGenera, and know down the line we may need other consultants to help us work with developers and design our common space.