our urban village cohousing 

a home of your own, neighbours you know

Milestone summary

1. check feasibility: done

2. build community: done

3. find a developer: done

In 2015 we met with 3 city councillors and a city planner to see if cohousing lite was doable. YES it is!

We have 9 families as of November 2017 and have closed our membership while wait to see how many units will be approved by the City.  We are hoping all 12 planned units will be available.

We have committed to working with Tomo Spaces, an innovative development firm using a new housing model, to build our cohousing project on the Main Street corridor.

4. test the model: done

5. look at affordability options: in progress

6. build a professional team: done

Our "cohousing lite" model has never been done before.  We worked with UBC architect students to find ways to design a tower concept for cohousing and provide ideas for low-rise options as well in April 2016.  

Tomo's model is based on making housing accessible to middle class Vancouverites. They are looking for partnerships that will make this possible.

We've hired a facilitator, Kathy McGenera, to help us work with Tomo Spaces and design our common space.

7. work with Tomo on predesign: done

In August 2017 we participated in our first workshop to indicate the look & feel and activities we want for our community.  This will help Tomo an our architect design a building to meet our needs.

8. work with Tomo on design of common space: winter 2018

We are cohousing lite.  That means the ultimate decisions on design for our units rest with our trusted developer.  However, Tomo's model allows for significant input from our community on our common house and courtyard.

9. make first deposits with Tomo: spring 2018

At some point next spring Tomo will require a first deposit of 5% to secure a unit.  A second deposit will likely be required several months later.