our urban village cohousing 

a home of your own, neighbours you know

buying your unit

To secure a developer with a great site in the very popular neighbourhood we want, he or she will need to see households that will commit to buying a home. To show our commitment and to negotiate the best possible price for our common space, a non-refundable deposit to be held in trust will be required when we agree on a site.  The deposit will be applied to the pre-sale price of your home.  

Later, when you commit to purchasing a particular unit, the developer usually requires 10% - 25% of the final price for your unit. Payments are normally spread over a series of months to give you time to raise financing.  

Of course, until we have negotiated with a developer we won't know the exact percentage required. The balance of the sale price would be due when the developer has received the occupancy permit just before you move in.