our urban village cohousing 

a home of your own, neighbours you know

1st milestone: Is our idea feasible? YES!

We are creating a new concept in community living.  We achieved our first milestone by confirming that our model is doable. Would the city support our concept?

Meeting with city councillors

We met with three city councillors to discuss our vision for a multigenerational housing community on the Main Street Corridor.  We talked about working with the city to explore creative trade offs to build our community.  Everyone at the meeting agreed that our vision was achievable and replicable across the city. 

We had a good discussion about forging an innovative, visionary team (city planner, developer and architect) who are all willing to think outside the box.  As we are interacting with them, we want to be as flexible and open-minded as we can. We're excited to see what possibilities we can create. 

Meeting with a city planner
We spent almost an hour with a city planner to get feedback on our concept and ideal locations, as well as help get us up to speed on the zoning and permit approval processes.  

He was most helpful in sharing:

• the stages of approval for new housing projects

• where re-zoning would be impossible (any industrial),

• what specific criteria the city is looking for in the approval process

• the ideal time to approach a developer (as soon as possible after the initial application). 

We also discussed trade-offs that would make OUV financially feasible such as fewer parking stalls, early commitment from villagers (essentially pre-pre-sales) and a limited number of floor plans.

The planner did not see any significant roadblocks.  As he said,  "This is an interesting concept - sort of a 'buyers club' for condos that I think a developer might like."